Thursday, June 25, 2009

Posting once every 6 problem....

A couple of weeks ago we got everyone together for a current family picture. The last one was on Kim's wedding day which was an eternity ago, just ask Kim. Back then there was 22 of us and now there is 28. Boy what a good looking family! No more on the way that we know about.

I would blog more often but I just don't have the time like Kim does. I have to be on the computer doing my fantsy sports leagues, I need to set time aside to watch my new 73" HD tv. And every once in awhile I do go out and intall a windsield. Now, Kim has lots of time because she only has two kids and how much time do only having two take. Sue blogged once and hasn't done it since. Way to go Sue.........So I think that every six months works for me.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Pajama party for Lucie's birthday at Kev & Lisa's

Right to left, top row--Lucie 5 Annika 6 Savannah 7 1/2 Sydney 8 1/2 Austin 3 1/2 Corbin 5
Jackson 8 1/2 Toby 2 1/2 Arianna 2 1/2

Right to left, bottom row--Felicity 11 mo. Marlie 7 1/2 grandpa 61 5/8 Oakley 5 mo.
Owen 5 grandma 60 7/8 Payton 1 mo.

9 girls and 5 boys.........

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas wishes from Blair & Lynda

Lynda and I, our 9 granddaughters & 6 grandsons would like to welcome you to our home today and wish each one of you that are blogger readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. It's snowing outside as you can see, by my view of the Temple and I have no windshields to do as of right now. So I thought it would be fun to let you have a little tour of what a wonderful job Lynda does in decorating our home for the holidays. I have given you a lot of pictures to look at and left out a whole bunch more not shown. There is not a spot in this house that Lynda has not put up some sort of decoration.

We send our love to all of you at this time when we think of what our Savior means to each of us and our families.............Merry Christmas to all...........Love, Blair and Lynda

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Annaul Packer family Halloween party

Our annual Halloween party was at Kevin and Lisa's home this year. Our 1st was at Sue and John's, the 2nd was at Kevin and Lisa's and this our 3rd annul was again at Kevin and Lisa's. We had some yummy soups and some very creative Halloween snacks, appetizers, and treats. The kids broke a pumpkin pinata. Each one of the grand kids opened up there annual winter PJ's from grandma. Everyone had a great time and we want to thank Kev and Lisa for all their hard work. Below are some pictures for everyone to enjoy.

Here is Sue and John arr ma tee, Sydney as little red riding hood, Annika as a fairy with wings and Arianna as a rabbit.

Here is Kevin and Lisa, they haven't been taking very good care of themselves, Marlie as Sharpay from High School Musical 2, and Lucie a witch. Below Marlie the mummy on the right

Here is Kurt, Amanda, Savannah as a cheerleader, Owen as a transformer, and little Felicity as a pumpkin. Oh I think Kurt was suppose to be a marathon runner. And Amanda was a candy corn....check out her shirt, what stretch of the imagination..

Here is Chris as a wan-a-b ball player, Jackson as Darth Vader, Corbin as a power ranger and Heidi was working.

Here is Cory, (needs a new jersey) football fan, Mikelle as a coooool mom and Austin as Buzz Light year. TO INFINITY AND BEYOND.... Oakley was sleeping.

Here is Kim, AJ, Toby, Sally,Mater and Lighting. One big happy race car family. Kim's due the first of December and no we don't know what she is having

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jack & Wilma Packer family reunion 2008

The Blair Packer family with Sue, Kurt and families not there.
The Randy Packer family with Randy too sick to come. All that was there are not in the picture with only Melissa and her family the only ones not able to attend. Living out of town sure isn't fun for attending a family reunion.

The Richard Packer family with Jackie and family missing. See ya next year for sure because your dad needs help to put the 2009 reunion on.

The Barry Packer family was few in numbers, Gardiner, Mckay, Jen and families were missed. Hope to see you next year.
Thanks to all that sent me back the survey. As you can see we played Packer Family Feud. With 48 people surveyed the number one answer worth 23 pts. is ? ? ? ? ? I had alot of fun and hope everyone did also. It sure brought back alot of fun memories about mom and dad's life with us there kids and grandkids.
Richard is in charge of next years reunion, the date will be August 15, 2009. For those that are out of town we sure hope you can plan a trip home at that time. And for all else please put it on you calender now and make sure nothing interferes with that date. We all really enjoyed every ones company.
Love ya all and thanks for your help. Uncle Blair